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Welcome to the website of 'all museums'. Here you will find direct links for thousands of museums in Europe and the Caribbean. In an imminent future, we want to offer you links to all the museums of Europe, and later even to all the museums of the world.

It is our intention to provide you with links to ALL museums of these countries, but we realize that we will never be able to achieve this goal.

Therefore we already say now that we count on you to improve and complete this website.

For all your comments you can contact us by email, see below.

We also have a facebookpage. 'Like' this page and you will be kept informed on a regular basis about the new entries on this website.

We wish you lots of fun browsing the pages of the museums to which this website refers.

Contact us by email (info@allemuseums.eu).

Contact us by email

When you

A link does not work

determine that a link does not work

This is a better link

believe that the link we provide, is not the best link to the museum in question.

This museum is not in your list

know a museum that is not included in our listings.

This museum is definitively closed

know a particular museum is definitively closed.

I know a virtual museum

know a virtual museum.

I have comments

have any additional comments. However, do not contact us if you are particularly satisfied or unsatisfied after a museum visit. We will not record any reviews here. You can possibly post your criticisms on our Facebook page. Rude or hurtful criticisms will, however, be removed.




What do you consider as a museum and what not?

It is important to know what we regard as a museum. The definition we use is that a museum exhibits a permanent collection (possibly supplemented by temporary exhibitions) for other than purely commercial purposes. The word 'collection' should be interpreted loosely. Art and history museums, of course, set a permanent collection on display, but we also consider a zoo, a planetarium, a natural park, a castle whether it is inhabited or not, a company that organizes company visits, as a museum.

Virtual museums also are to be included in our listings.

Commercial art galleries with changing exhibitions are not considered as a museum.

Why do you only provide links, and why are eg. the opening hours of the museums not listed?

We only provide links and no information about the address of the museum, about the opening hours, about the collections that the museum holds. The reason is that these are all things that can change and we don't want you to be mislead. We therefore strongly advise you to view the museum's website thoroughly before making a move. If you have to travel far to visit a small museum, then it is even recommended to make contact with the museum. This ensures that the address is correct and that the museum will be open on the day of your visit.

Help, the frame with the website of the museum fills my screen only partially.

This website works best when your screen has a resolution of 1600 pixels x 900 pixels. Normally your screen should be filled in width. So far we did not manage to fill every screen in height. If someone can give us a tip, we will be eternally grateful.

Oops, I recently saw a list of museums in my own language, and now I see the same page in English.

When you click the 'Search' button (in top of every page), you will see our menu in English. If you want to surf in your own language, you must click on the site in your own language (All Museums, Alle Museen, Alle Musea, Chaque Musée, Cada Museo and Ogni Museo). The lists for each province or region will not be translated, these lists are displayed in the language of that province or region. The websites of numerous museums exist in multiple languages. This is usually indicated on the first page you will get to see.

When you have a relevant question about the operation of this website, we will include the answer here. So everyone can enjoy it.

This website was created by the 'VZW Geschiedkundige Heruitgeverij', Gustaaf Callierlaan 44 9000 Ghent (Belgium).